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Who We Are

The Docklands team is made up of local professionals with a wealth of experience in community services. Our drive and collective passion for supporting the people of
St Pauls and the surrounding areas shines through.

Meet The Trustees

  • Dr Jon Rogers

    Dr Jon Rogers


    I have always been interested in ways of improving the lives of young people and the community. I've been closely involved with the acquisition of the Docklands building as part of a community asset transfer from Bristol City Council, with local partnerships, especially with our colleagues at ACE, and with the development of the new nursery, “Raised in Bristol”.

  • Nicola Osborne

    Nicola Osborne


    I joined the Full Circle Board in September 2019. I applied for the role because I wanted to give back to the centre and community, having attended Docklands Youth club when I was a young girl living in the area. It was a great outlet to be young and to socialise with friends and make new ones. As an adult, I better appreciate the time and effort put in by the staff.

  • Judit Davis

    Judit Davis


    My journey with St. Pauls Holiday camp project, now known as Full Circle, has been a pleasant part of my life for the last twenty years. We have been through many roller-coaster rides and I have never wanted to get off, as at the forefront are the young people and the community we serve. I am proud to be part of an organisation who authentically do this valuable work every day and will continue to do so.

  • Marion Harris

    Marion Harris


    My journey with Full Circle and Docklands has been a long and changeable one. Back in 1980 I was the Community Social Worker working from a basement flat in Brighton Street, St Pauls. My journey with the organisation is changing again as I hand over the Treasurer role to one of the new younger trustees and move back from a leadership role to more of a consultancy role within the trustee group. The changes over the years have been mind blowing in so many ways. The legacy has been the many successes along the way, as young people who have used the project in the past have grown up and offered their own contributions to this community and other communities around the country.

  • Sibusiso Tshabalala

    Sibusiso Tshabalala


    In South Africa we believe that personality and character is shaped by our social and local interactions. This is the basis of Ubuntu, an African Philosophy meaning: "I am because we are". It is with this spirit and perspective that I volunteered with Full Circle. To me, the work that the organisation does has highlighted that more can be achieved through collaboration and collective action. The growth and ambition the organisation has demonstrated over the last 10 years shows what is possible. I have joined as a trustee to further advance the service, opportunity and management of the organisation. As the Social Enterprise Place Lead for the South West – working on supporting the third sector to gain access to procurement and improve entrepreneurial outcomes for minority lead businesses – I am keen to progress the great work that has been achieved so far.

  • Angela Lawrence

    Angela Lawrence


    Docklands has been a huge part of my life, so I'm really passionate about everything we do. My earliest memories of the centre are back in the 1970s when I came here as a child. I remember listening to people doing music practice and doing lots of fun arts and crafts – I look back fondly on those days and am happy that we can still give our young people a similar experience at this crucial community space. I later went on to volunteer here which then led to me becoming a leader at the youth service within the centre. After 40 years, I'm still an active member of the team today, helping out in youth sessions as well as being a trustee.

  • Jacqui Pitter

    Jacqui Pitter


    I have always worked and lived previously in the St Paul’s community which definitely steered me to want to support the organisation. My working background have mostly been with young people and their families. I know that although we have more communication possibilities at our disposal than ever, my work however shows that many parents feel incredibly isolated in their role of bringing up children. This is why we always need to feed into the African proverb that "it takes a village to raise a child."

Meet The Team

  • Ann-Marie Lewis

    Ann-Marie Lewis

    Centre Manager

    My name is Ann-Marie and I am the Centre Manager. I have been part of this organisation for over 30 years and it has been rewarding seeing Full Circle and Docklands support the young people and the local community for so many years. Especially now the young people who previously attended the youth services are now coming back to book the Docklands Centre for their own children.

  • Charmaine Lawrence

    Charmaine Lawrence

    Youth Development Manager

    I am Charmaine Lawrence, Full Circle’s Youth Development Manager. My role is to create the youth delivery program and ensure our young people have access to a variety of opportunities, helping to improve their quality of life in an informal way. Being of service to my community and being a positive role model is an honour. I am passionate about helping our young people get the right start in life.

  • Indiya Mcleary

    Indiya Mcleary

    Finance & Centre Administration

    My name is Indiya Mcleary and I'm the finance and centre admin. I deal with all finance related matters within the building – you'll find me responding to email enquiries, taking phone calls from the public and supporting people through the centre booking process. Docklands is a fantastic community space and I like helping organisations secure bookings for their events here. It's fantastic to see so many people coming together at the centre and I've seen loads of community groups grow here in recent years – I even run a Stay & Play session here myself, which is a great opportunity to connect with other local parents.

  • Daisy Miceli

    Daisy Miceli

    Marketing Officer & Youth Worker

    I’m the Marketing Officer for Docklands, as well as running sessions as part of Full Circle's youth work team. It’s my job to make sure that people know about our services and all the exciting activities that go on at the centre. I'm passionate about sharing our achievements – I manage our website, social media content and newsletters as well as writing articles for the press. Moving to St Pauls a few years ago is the best decision I ever made – I love living here and enjoy getting to know the community more each day. I also believe in championing youth voices and feel privileged to work with such a fantastic group of young people.

  • Join the Team

    Join the Team

    Volunteering Opportunities

    If you're looking for experience at a social enterprise then please contact to find out about volunteering opportunities. We offer a supportive environment to develop your skills whilst giving back to the community. We look forward to hearing from you!